Mister Rogers' Neighbors

The residents of the Neighborhood.


The Neighborhood of Make Believe

The Neighborhood Of Make Believe is Mr. Rogers' fictional neighborhood. There are many residents of the Neighborhood, such as King Friday, the main resident. Friday is the only known King to ever rule the Neighborhood. There is also Prince Tuesday and Lady Elaine. The Neighborhood was likely founded in 1966. It is a very peaceful neighborhood, and the weather seems to usually be sunny and pleasant. The Neighborhood Trolley often passes through the Neighborhood, delivering messages to residents of King Friday's castle. It also is said to carry unseen passengers.

Known Residents

King Friday: Father of Lady Elaine and Prince Tuesday. King and ruler of the Neighborhood. Neighborhood Trolley: A trolley that passes through the Kingdom/Neighborhood, delivering messages to the castle of King Friday's residents. Unseen Passengers: Unseen citizens that ride on the trolley. (Note: It has not yet been confirmed that these passengers exist, but it is likely.)

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