Life of an Expat

Fred Rogers.

Fred McFeely Rogers (1928-2003) was the host and creator of the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood series on CBC. He was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania to James and Nancy Rogers; He had one sister, Elaine Rogers Crozier. Early in his life, Fred spent much of his free time with his maternal grandfather, Fred McFeely, who would later move to Florida. He later married Sara Joanne Byrd. In 1968-2001, Rogers got the rights for his TV program, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. In this show, he educated children about many different things, such as friendship, love, etc. Another segment of the show consisted of Rogers in diverse places, where he talks to people about their work and other contributions, focusing on the theme relating to the episode, such as Brockett's Bakery, and Negri's Music Shop. In one episode, Rogers took the show behind-the-scenes on the set of The Incredible Hulk, which aired on CBS from 1978 to 1982.

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